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I am so excited to announce the Art Space camp that I will be teaching this Spring! If you are interested in enrolling your child in our fun and educational art course please follow the link HERE. Each class is $60 per student, $10 discount for each additional sibling.

Classes Offered:

Little’s Space Camp, age 3,4  Monday’s 3:00-4:00

*Students will learn to use a paint brush effectively, understand line and shape, follow directed line drawing instruction, learn to mix paint and to create details in collages and drawings. This age group is also learning to use their fine motor skills, hold a pencil or brush and cutting with scissors.

Munchkin Space Camp, age 4,5,6 Friday 3:00 – 4:00

*Learn to create art with paper shapes, follow directed line drawings. They will make secondary colors with primary colors and understand line and shape. Create details in collages and drawings. Use of scissors for most projects will improve.

Junior Space Camp, 7,8,9 Friday 2:00 – 3:00

*Students will learn to mix secondaries from primaries and follow line drawings well. Students will learn to draw from observation and use scissors well enough for most projects. Know the difference between warm and cool colors. Students will learn to easily switch from liquid water colors to pan water colors.

Senior Space Camp, 10,11,12 Friday 1:00-2:00

*Can do more advanced work such as detailed line work and shading.

Registration Instructions:

Follow this link to register for class. Fill out information on registration form and select your class. Once form is received a payment invoice will be sent to the email you provided.



2 thoughts on “Space Art Camp

  1. My daughter is 8, so she will be in Junior Space Camp and if I am right the schedule will be on Friday 2-3pm, am I right? How much is the class and do you provide all he material or I have to buy them myself?

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