Muffin Tin Prints


Muffin Tin Prints are the coolest and easiest art project for preschool or kindergarten. The results are amazing and your students will love the process. If you want those kiddos to ooh and ahh, this is the project for you. This project would work well for most ages and is simple to set up. You need muffin tins, paint, brushes, and 3×3 squares of paper for them to make prints.

When I first started teaching art I was surprised that printmaking was considered art. Mostly because hadn’t seen print making in any form but for books or making t-shirts. I was really excited that creating art didn’t always have to involve drawing or painting with a brush. It’s exciting to see the prints come off the original, the children are always so thrilled to see the end result. I have other print making projects if you are interested, just follow the links for Styrofoam line drawings and tinfoil prints.

How to make a print:

First, turn muffin tin upside down and paint the cups, then get a square paper and lay on the painted cup. Massage paper gently, and pull print up. Set prints aside until each child has made 6. They then glue their 6 prints to a piece of construction paper and set on drying rack to dry.


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