We’re All Wonders Self Portrait Art Project

We’re All Wonders Self Portrait Art Project

We’re all Wonders Self Portrait Art project was inspired by the movie that comes out November 17. The book, We’re all Wonders gave the inspiration for the background. I was so excited when I thought of this art project because I wanted to do a self portrait project and I wanted it to be more than just drawing a face. Once I got home and did some research I wondered if I was being insensitive. I do not want to be insensitive to those with craniofacial conditions. I understand that none of my students suffer from craniofacial conditions and couldn’t begin to understand the difficulties and adversity that those with the genetic condition experience.

“Who is it that I aspire to be”?

However, I do want to raise awareness in them and what kindness means. I want them to always choose kindness no matter what a person looks like. I also want my students to realize that although they have not faced trials such as Auggie Pullman, in some shape or form they have all been bullied. They have been made to feel less than perfect by someone at school or maybe even at home. “We all have marks on our face (wonder movie)”. My purpose and hope is that while creating their own face my students will realize that they are special no matter what they look like and so is every person that they meet. I hope they can look beyond a face and see the true person. Character and personality are a lot more important than appearance.

We’re All Wonders Book

This book is amazing and tells a story that children can relate to and helps them understand the pain and sadness others feel when they are judged based on their looks alone. The book is great for teaching children that every person is different and being different is wonderful. We’re All Wonder’s book is also helpful in teaching empathy for all ages.

I read this to my students and chatted about how it matters how we treat others. Even ignoring those with disabilities or disorders is not kind. Though it is hard we should acknowledge every one we meet and choose kindness. Kindness is smiling, saying hello and even asking others how they are. It is not kind to pretend to not see others. Busily playing on our phone because we are not sure what to do is not kind. It is better to smile and say hello than it is to pretend you don’t see them.

I challenged my children, my students and myself to choose kindness! I hope you will take the challenge too!


We’re All Wonders Art Project

The first step is to create a back ground. The background can be anything, I chose space because I loved the colors in the book. I told my students that it could be anywhere that they love, a bedroom, the park or school. The limits are that they are drawing lines and shapes, NOT coloring. Despite telling them this, some still color, ahhh! We want to draw so we have room for paint!

2nd Step: Paint background with watercolors. I would recommend liquid water colors but whatever you have will do.

3rd Step: Draw the helmet and self portrait. The drawing sheet is here: Wonder Drawing Page. Once drawing is complete, trace pencil lines with a Sharpie marker.

4th Step: Water color the helmet and face, I used water color pencils and water brush to color the outline of the helmet, the shirt, eyes and lips. The water brush holds water in the tube and you squeeze water out as you need it. The water color pencils blend really well with the water. Then cut out and glue onto background.




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