Sensory Tables and Why You Should Have One At Home

Sensory Tables and Why You Should Have One at Home

Sensory play is an important part of your child’s development. Children learn about the world around them through their senses. From the time they are born they use all their senses to discover and understand their environment. Providing opportunities to learn through touch, smell, sight and listening all helps them process and organize their mind.

Sensory Play is also very calming, it helps them regulate their discomforts. If you want your child to calm down, offer them something to focus on in a sensory table or bin. Redirect your child when they are loosing control to a sensory activity and you will see them relax. This technique works really well at school when they are scared and shy.

Sensory play also helps children build their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are needed for writing, cutting, shoe-tying, drawing and painting. Most activities in the sensory table/bin involve pinching, pouring and holding small items and placing them carefully.

The sensory table is one of my favorite things to use in a class room. I enjoy playing in the sensory table and I believe children of all ages would enjoy it too.

Sensory Tables/Bins

There are a few options for sensory tables and bins, ranging in price from $12 to $105. I recommend the following for home use.

Sensory Table is available on and has a lid. (link for purchase is on picture)

A table top bin is also available on and is $50.

Another good option is to purchase a storage container at Walmart that is long with short sides for easy reach.

Another thing to think about is storage for the sensory items like water beads and rice. For a complete list of items to include in your sensory collection go HERE. I store items for the sensory table in clear plastic containers that are available at Walmart.

Recently I tried this sensory activity and the children seemed to really enjoy themselves and it was simple to set up.

You need kinetic sand, kool-aide play dough (recipe here), golf tees and marbles (obviously a choking hazard so please be mindful of the ages playing)

This activity is wonderful for fine motor skills. Picking up and balancing marbles is not as easy as it looks.

I hope this gives you an idea of how sensory play can benefit your children and maybe even snag you some quiet time!

Again, HERE is a link to a list of sensory play items to have on hand for instant play! Stay tuned on Friday’s for more sensory play ideas!

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