Mattisse Organic Shapes Collage Art Project Painting With Scissors

Matisse Organic Shapes Collage Art Project

Let’s Paint with Scissors!

Mattisse Shape Collage

Mattisse Organic Shapes Collage Art Project is an easy, practically mess free art project that kiddos love. Here are the basics of the project.

Age: 5 & UP

This art Project is great for practicing cutting skills, recognizing colors and organic shapes.

Organic Shapes are shapes that can be found in nature, leaves, hearts, seaweed ext. .

You need:

Black construction paperMatisse Shape Collage

Construction paper in 5 or more colors, cut to 5×5 or 4×4 sizes (this saves paper, they always cut right in the middle of the paper)

Glue stick


Matisse Shape Collage

I created a video for the kiddos that want to try this project. I have to apologize for the NOT perfect video, let’s just say I’m quirky (not insanely busy and little crazy). The kiddos will have fun working so who cares! Right?

Henri’s Scissors

Matisse Shape Collage

Henri’s Scissor’s goes great with this art project and helps the little people understand the great artist Henri Matisse. Matisse is one of my favorite artists especially because children typically love his art and the concept of painting with scissors is totally cool! Matisse was known as the King Of Color because he used a lot of color in his paintings which wasn’t the cool thing to do at the time. I am so glad he didn’t play by the rules and went with what he loved to do! He is a total inspiration to me and helps me to remember to think outside the box!

Another awesome thing about this art project is the use of organic shapes, which aren’t typically discussed at school but are vital to nature! I also love the extra practice time with scissors, we need a lot of practice. You would be surprised at how many 5 year old’s cannot cut! Because older children have had a little bit more practice, I am hoping that this is easy for them. Finally I would advise preparing the construction paper ahead of time. I cut the construction paper to 5×5 or 4×4 sizes because they tend to waste paper otherwise.



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