How To Paint With Light

Painting with Light

Learning how to paint with light the a lot of fun and the easiest activity I have done with my children! Painting with light is so easy and only requires two ingredients! I was really confused at first as to do this exactly and I was a little intimidated to try. But don’t let this scare you because it is so easy once you set up the app. What is light painting exactly? Well, Light painting is using a light source to create designs and capturing it with your camera set up with the slow shutter app.

light paintingThe first ingredient needed is colorful glow sticks. Glow sticks are available at Dollar Tree and only one package is needed for a couple children. The other thing you need is the Slow Shutter App and can be found in the app store for $1.99.

Purchase and download app to your phone and go to settings in the app.

Set up the app:

  1. 1.  go to the settings button and set it to light trail ( center and top of the settings window)

2. push light sensitivity to the highest setting (move circle to far right until it says full)

3. set shutter speed to bulb ( move circle to far right until is says Bulb)

4. push center shutter button to record your light show! (this is where your camera button usually  is and looks like a shutter on your camera)to paint with light have your children wave and move the glow sticks around them. record for a few seconds and push shutter button to stop. If you like your image you can save it. (it saves to your phone pictures) If you are not satisfied you can continue to record or clear it. I saved mine and then cleared it so we could do multiple shots.

Tips to make light painting an amazing experience!

Turn off all the lights and encourage your children to move around a lot in designated area, up, down, high, low, side to side and in circles.

Try with several different sizes and shapes of glow sticks or try flashlights, finger lights and any other light you can think of!

This activity would also be fun with sparklers and I bet the pictures of  the fire works wouldn’t be blurry either!

Try painting with light and see what you and your children can create. I bet you will be amazed at what they create!

Once you create your light paintings have them printed and hang them on the fridge for everyone to see. I would love to see what you come up with and you are welcome to post on the Becoming Infinite Facebook page! Look for Light Painting and post your awesome creations in the comments!

Have fun creating and don’t forget to share!


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