Kindergarten Color Theory Unit

Kindergarten Color Theory

Color Theory is a hard concept for littles, so I wanted to find a fun way to teach them. I found a fun way to introduce color to my kindergarten classes through The Black Book of Colors and The Language of Art.

Kindergarten unit on color theory.

Kindergarten unit on color theory was inspired by The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria. This book offers more than a field trip of smell, touch and taste of colors. It has embossed pictures that invite children to picture the colors in their mind as well as through their senses.  The book also has a braille alphabet in the back to accompany the braille through out the story.

Color Theory for Kindergarten art class. Students are discovering the joy of color through this awesome book and fun art project.


Lesson Plan

I began the color theory lesson by asking them if color has a taste, a smell or if it can hurt. Most of the time the kindergartners guessed that color doesn’t offer anything but what you see.

Color Theory for Kindergarten art class. Students are discovering the joy of color through this awesome book and fun art project. This pictures shows the embossed rain on the paper, shiny and bumpy. They loved touching the paper, closing their eyes and feeling the rain, the fresh cut grass and the kite in the sky. The Kinders found it silly that green smells like fresh cut grass or that brown tastes like chocolate. It was a lot of fun reading this to them.

I discovered The Language of Art while researching early childhood education models. Reggio Emilia was chosen as my model school to study. I was immediately smitten with the nature and play-based curriculum. Art is heavily used in the Reggio Emilia Curriculum and I am so excited to try the many ideas hidden within the book. If you would like more information on The Reggio Emilia Approach visit this amazing website I recently found An Everyday Story. The ideas and information is well worth the time to explore.


For the art project I gave each student a 6×9 sheet of black and white paper. I also gave them a palette of black and white paint. Allowing them to mix and paint as they wished was so exciting and fun for them. Many times letting them mix colors results in paint becoming mud and muck. This time was different and stress free. I’m not sure what we will do with our black and white paintings but I’ve saved them in case inspiration strikes. For now though I have them stored in thier teachers cubby.

How do you teach color theory to kindergartners or even the older grades? Since I’ve only been teaching art for two years I still love to hear ideas on how and what to teach so please share!!

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