Simple Homemade Halloween Decorations

Simple Homemade Halloween Decor

I love Halloween! I love the costumes, the decorations, Hocus Pocus and just making memories with the family. Scary movies or gory, bloody costumes are not my favorite because I’m a big fat chicken. My favorite part is the decorating, dressing up and spending time watching fun Halloween movies. I also really like to eat lots of candy! These simple homemade Halloween decorations are really fun to create and I can use them with any style of Halloween décor.

 The trend of potions, spells and black and white decorations have really appealed to me. They can look spooky and elegant all at the same time. The potion bottles and the books I made myself using prints and mod podge. It was so simple and fast I had to share.

halloween-decor I made these apothecary jars and potion books with prints made from Chocolate Rabbit , an adorable Etsy shop. Just print and cut around the edges and then glue using mod podge.

The book is just an old book found at my thrift store and then mod podged the Love Spells book cover on to the front spine and back. There are several potion book covers to choose from including a Grimoire  and Book of Spells.
It was as easy as print, cut, glue for a huge impact in Halloween Décor!
potions potions2


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